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To teach, train and transition the roots into people's lives for the opportunity of producing a good fruitful life in the kingdom.


For people, education, and businesses to have a benchmark on how roots are taught and practiced.


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The Need

The following is from the National Statistics & NHS Digital. It displays the degradation of youth and adults mental health and wellbeing.

Drivers of mental stress


No or mild symptoms vs moderate to severe symptoms (June 2020)


Over 16% of adults show signs of depression

% growth of adults showing moderate to severe symptoms of depression from 2019 and 2020


The mental health of children has worsened between 2017 and 2020

% of children with probable mental health problems

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How You Can Help

Our strategic plan lines us up for a global impact. Alone we can't continue to help families and communities. With you, we can develop living-programs that continue to evolve based on the needs of a community. 

The Way Forward

  • Remain updated on any useful technological advances.

  • Leveraging resources in response to communities need.

  • Building capacity for our vision.

  • Investing wisely to sustain our outreach.

  • Designing bespoke solutions for any unique need.

  • Keeping integrity in all aspects of our work. 

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We believe we are meant to live free to lead, create and empower others in service to one another so that all can be the best version of themselves without hindrance. 

Contact us to see how you can get involved with our program or partner with us to create a bigger impact in our communities. We would love to hear from you.

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Our Promise

We promise to continue to maintain our high standards in our practices. Your support will be met with fairness and transparency so that you are truly apart of the growth for our reach.




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